Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Vietnam was not our war and was never once declared,
and with all the wars before could never be compared.
The regime that we fought for was corrupt with greedy men,
while freedom’s greatest nation shared corruption, just like them.
And while their soldiers died and were slaughtered in the field,
they compiled their lies and cover-ups that would later be revealed.
What we now must ask is when can people challenge law,
and stand against their Government and refuse to go to war.
Or are soldiers just tin warriors brainwashed through and through,
believing every statement by their politicians true.
Who is the real coward, the one who fears to disobey
or the one in opposition who from the battle runs away?
A conscript is not a soldier; he’s the man from down the street,
who is ‘forced’ to fight the battles when the politicians cheat.

~ 2 ~

A soldier must be accountable for the war in which he fights
lest he really thinks his “duty”, means the giving up of rights.
He is still a human being, who is said to have a choice,
yet he blindly does his “duty” for he does not have a voice.
But he does all the killing thus he must share the blame,
but he never, till it’s over, ever seeks to complain.
It’s his own finger on the trigger though on his forehead there’s a thumb
that to disobey an order is something never done,
for the fear of reprisal is greater than his fear to die,
for the freedom that he doesn’t have; for he but lives a lie.
Yet most of them were young men lacking wiser brain,
who consumed by the system thought not to complain
but when they call it freedom the life that they have won,
I ask how many bullets they fired from their gun.

~ 3 ~

And I ask them if the burden that they carry in their hearts,
that lingers there forever until their own life departs.
Is what they call freedom; the guilt and inner shame,
the never ending nightmares and accumulating pain?
Is freedom in the grieving of Mothers for their sons,
who lost their lives to enemies and to friendly firing guns?
Of the thousands who are victims do the nations’ leaders care;
who preach that God is with them in their tragic ill despair,
who wallow in the fame far from the blood and gore
that is overnight forgotten for tomorrow’s coming war.
For they’ve preached it to our children who grow up with the lie,
that it’s always right for the flag to go away and die,
and never challenge anything nor raise a questioning voice,
against the flag and nation which offers freedom without choice.

~ 4 ~

And we now, as veterans, the examples of it all,
condemn the worried voices that for peace on Earth do call.
They may be narrow-minded but they ask why they should die
in a distant little country that seems never to deny.
We raise our God against them as they do raise their own,
to justify insanity while the Devil sits on the throne.
We preach goodwill and well being while we ridicule our God,
with slaughter and with vanquished men dying on the sod.
And forever more we live in pain claiming it is peace,
to flourish in our freedom false where hatreds never cease.
And I alone sit thinking that there always will be war,
for the Earth is so designed and governed by its law.
If there is a God, and oft I doubt, who watches our expense,
then he must have a twisted mind, that lacks all common sense.