Colin F. Jones


Do you find it hard to sleep,
When the ghosts come in at night,
That all your dreams repeat,
Torment you with their spite.
Do you writhe and turn in bed,
Find no comfort beneath the sheet,
Thoughts racing through your head,
On a hundred thousand feet.
Do you awaken before you sleep,
With Earthquakes in your eyes,
With a sick feeling down real deep,
Where something in you dies…?
Do you feel if you did sleep,
You would still hear all their cries?

Do your legs keep you awake
With pains that will not cease?
Do you sometimes think you shake?
Does your night deny you peace?
Is it hard to rise from bed
When the long harsh night is through,
That all your strength seems shed
In the things you try to do?
Does grit burn both your eyes,
That you can hardly see,
Do you find it hard to rise,
Then you are a lot like me,
With a body in demise,
And a brain that won’t agree.