Colin F. Jones


Do soldiers bring us hope,
Or is it hate that they instil,
Do they help the mind to cope,
As they seek more folk to kill?
Do they think we will forget,
Having seen our children die,
Suffering anguish, and regret,
Watching their tanks go rumbling by?
We long for the promised peace,
Somewhat like we had before,
But the fighting will not cease;
What are our people dying for?
They come and destroy my lease,
Then write freedom on my floor.

Did we ask you to come;
to save us from ourselves
with your arrogance and your gun,
your missiles and your shells?
What interest have you here,
If not our liquid coal,
It seems not to be quite clear,
Your true strategic goal?
If we were doing this to you,
It would be a different song,
Because you know what you do,
Is to right your own wrong,
While we suffer every day,
As for your mistakes we pay.

Saddam killed no more folk than you,
Have caused to die in this war,
This will be forever true,
A part of history to deplore.
You use our cities for your vengeance,
To fight your hateful foe
Who is killing us because you’re here;
now it’s too late to go.
What will this all prove:
That you are mighty and so skilled,
Because you overran our country,
And thousands of innocent people killed?
You will mourn your sons forever,
All who this dreadful duty fulfilled

Please tell me Sir, what was the threat;
In what way did our country challenge yours?
Did we cast out a nuclear net,
Or invade your countries shores?
What right have you to own weapons
That we have no right to own;
What right on speculation,
Have you to invade another’s home?
You have destroyed this Muslim nation,
How can we from this respond,
To your force and persuasion?
It has been a fearful road to long.
We need time to retrieve our courage,
To learn reluctantly your song.

We must now bow to strangers,
And their strange kind of law,
Else suffer long consequences,
A never ending war.
We must do as they direct us,
And think a different way,
Knowing some will still rise against us,
On some fateful future day.
We must ever keep on trying,
By fighting another countries foe,
Afraid of injury and dying,
Everywhere in our land we go;
Keep our faith and culture,
That new seeds germinate and grow.

Perhaps for the long term
These foreign soldiers bring us hope,
Once we settle down and learn,
With the daily violence how to cope.
But while our people keep dying,
As they walk the city streets,
And we hear grieving children crying,
As the killing continues and repeats.
We shall look upon the soldier,
In many different ways,
Knowing the situation may worsen,
If indeed the soldier stays;
Or perhaps it will get better,
If the soldier kneels and prays.