Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

I have become a preadamite by longevity…
Assigned to wiser power by consanguinity,
Over those who follow in my distorted peace,
Whom for, great wars will never cease.
Children who’ll inherit my moulds and genes,
My inner mansions of wasted dreams,
And failures that I do not disclose,
Lest the great doors to warriors forever close,
On the diuturnity of that which culls the flocks,
And sets for History the ancient clocks.
Yet some will not their fathers know,
Just friends of Mothers who come and go,
Because they either went away and died,
Or lost the lot to selfish pride.

~ 2 ~

War will perpetuate until time disintegrates with impurity,
Dissembling beyond the current structures of our diuturnity,
Beyond imagination thought and wondrous invention,
Till then in ranks the soldiers will stand at attention,
All willing to die at the order of that which rules over them,
Determining their thoughts the pistons of the great engine.
For they will die as soldiers always have on battle fields,
Be it with rockets, missiles or spears and shields.
Until the sempiternal truth of imperishable time doth die,
For death the master doth in all things living lie,
And should we think that time has for us no end,
We can through all our faith and dreams pretend,
Yet living know that perpetuity ends with death,
And time runs out of all its mortal breath.

Submitted for the December 2004 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Diuturnity