Colin F. Jones


We often treat the symptoms while the disease is running free,
But you cannot cure the foot if the disease is in the knee,
You may have to chop the leg off that both the knee and foot are gone,
For it is seldom that it’s possible to be rid of just the one.
We can debate what is better but do we have the time to spare,
For the wind will come regardless to blow away your style of hair.
We are more vulnerable while waiting for a terrorist to strike,
Than we are in participating hunting for those we dislike.
There is no easy way to do it, time has proved it out of hand,
That it is better fighting wars on another’s patch of land,
Than it is to be invaded, to be infiltrated by the foe,
Because the roundup that you spray kill the flowers too you know.
It is better that our flowers grow to blossom and to bloom,
Lest our unwillingness to challenge leads us all to our doom.