Colin F. Jones


Yes Mother I am with you; though you cannot see me here,
I am part of what you are and I hold you very dear.
I am there when you are crying and even when you smile,
I help you face the day and to walk life’s every mile.
You’ll never be alone mum, because I am by your side,
For I will always love you and need you for my guide.
You may not see my person the body that you knew,
But Mother I’m the spirit that inside your body grew,
You know I’ve never left you; you know I’m in your heart,
How could our immortal spirits ever be apart.
Be not sad dear Mother for death is not the end;
It is just the door to heaven on that you can depend.
You have not lost a son mum, I’ve simply gone away,
To prepare a place for you, mum, a place for you to stay.

Photo Caption: Thelma Rose, right, clutches the flag that draped her son’s coffin: Friday August 6, 2004, at a gravesite service in Sherman, Texas. Her son, Chief Master Sergeant Luther L. Rose was a serviceman missing in action from the Vietnam War. Photograph: Donna McWilliam / Associated Press