Colin F. Jones

(Military Medal for Gallantry)

David Maxwell Munday, MM
LCpl David Maxwell Munday, MM
The section went to ground as they saw the foe;
‘Twas nowhere else for the men to go,
But a soldier discharged his rifle as he fell,
They all heard the reply; all heard him yell.
The section Corporal ran to give him aide,
Machine carbine blazing in the Jungle shade,
His leg was shattered by a gunshot round,
But through the pain, more courage Munday found.
He directed fire upon the attacking foe
As his shoulder shattered from a heavy blow.
Changing magazines with his teeth; in command;
He switched his weapon to the other hand,
Loading his SMG between his knees
Until the battle ceased in the jungle trees.

Lance Corporal David Maxwell Munday, aged 21, was awarded the first Military Medal for Gallantry in South Viet Nam in 1965. He served with 7th Section B Company 1st Battalion RAR. As a result of injuries received, his wounded leg was amputated.