Colin F. Jones


Compare not one, with the other,
For they are not the same;
A soldier is a soldier’s brother;
Make no other claim.

A mother is a mother’s mother,
And all do suffer pain,
For we are on this earth together,
Survival to sustain.

We lose them all in the end
But we want not to lose them now;
For on each other we depend,
As much as destiny will allow

Together we must face the foe,
The consequences we must heed,
And hold the fort while others go,
To risk their precious seed.

We who have survived it all,
Now wait for death to claim,
We who fought but did not fall,
For our destiny is the same.

We did our best there is no more,
We loved and shared our friends,
And what we did not lose in war,
We lose now as life ends.

Each day is precious, each passing hour,
Each thought each tender touch,
Each petal of the family flower,
All those we love so much.

The consequence we know and feel,
When we survivors are no more,
Will never in the end reveal
What we were fighting for.

For all in all ‘twas so designed,
The earth, that peace and war,
For her continuance be combined,
Her equilibrium to ensure.

We mere mortals just live and die,
As all things that live must do,
And we shall ever wonder why,
Because we do not have a clue.