Colin F. Jones


The sun on my head its heat doth claim,
Into this valley I have come full willed and free,
I am made as in a fire; my blood is aflame!
But I drink of these waters that now cool me.
I come with my hands open; peace to receive,
God made the world for white man and red,
I speak straight without a wish to deceive,
For white man and Apache share the Earth’s bed,
Why has the Virgin Mary not followed our trail
Nor entered the wigwam of an Apache brave?
None cares for Cochise now my spirit is frail,
And there is no longer a great nation to save
I am not a chief but a poor man alone,
But the mountains will always be the Apaches home.

Author’s Note: Cochise was offered the mountains he currently occupied as home for his people, and at the council-place, he remained standing while they all sat and said words similar to the above stanza. The white man betrayed him and he was forced to move to the “hell hole” Tularosa reservation, “Where flies on the mountains eat out a horses eyes.” “Bad spirits live there.” said Cochise. He led half the Apache people into the mountains to wage war as a result of white man betrayal.