Colin F. Jones


Turning around in midstream is always hard to do,
And in the desperate commotion they always lose a few.
When we retreated from Vietnam I heard it often said
That we must fight to win a war to give honour to the dead.
We must never run away as the world knows we did before,
We must always fight to honour them by winning any war.
Once committed, it’s our duty to stand up proud and strong
For to turn away is sacrilege and very, very wrong.
The people are not behind them as they were not in Vietnam,
Because they do not understand the duty of the fighting man.
You can’t stand behind your soldiers arguing political points you know,
Undermining their leaders is just not the way to go…
I recall it very plainly and I am still aggravated today,
Those who applauded us in clover who soon booed us in the clay.