Colin F. Jones


We clear the pathways for our sons to come along and change,
For what we thought they wanted is often to them strange,
And when they go to war to fight as we did long ago,
We’ll think that we fought better and compare it with our show.
And they will all admire us until their children admire them,
As they change the pathways of their fathers once again.
And we who think we willed it, who thought we chose the way,
Will look back at true history knowing we did not have a say.
And we’ll claim we fought for freedom, for our families, and for God,
But there’ll be thousands of more people lying buried in the sod.
So the cults of memorials to the fallen and the brave
Will continue, as real freedom that we haven’t got, we crave.
For in our search for peace, that is the fodder feeding war,
We will continue doing things that we claim we all deplore.