Colin F. Jones


Is unbearable unbearable… or something we can bear?
Is loss really loss, if it is for ourselves we care?
What sect, what cult is this we tend to build,
Based on the never knew who were in battle killed.
Is it possible then to lose something that we do not own
Or is it just a reason to justify why we’re alone?
And if it is, why do we then use dead men to describe,
The lack of courage to make new friends because the old ones died?
‘Tis surely not the fault of those who did not make it home.
And who are we in families born to choose to be alone?
Intolerable! We cry and weep and yet we still go on,
And better when we think of others who have not yet gone,
For we still have wives, sisters, brothers, and others needing hope,
Who with our friendship and deep love we might help them cope.