Colin F. Jones


Can’t say we were patriotic,
When we went off to war,
Just a chance to earn more, money
To buy a brand-new-car.

‘Cause things changed a bit in country,
When in action with the foe,
Our minds dwelt on comradeship,
Never once saw the flag you know.

We fought there for each other,
Not for our counties soul,
For sister and for brother,
To keep our bodies whole.

We fought to keep from dying,
No patriotic stuff in that,
Each on each relying,
In defence and in attack

No! Can’t say we were patriotic,
When we went off to war,
Left that for those back home,
To dwell on what we saw,

To raise the flag of freedom,
The patriotic type;
To have something good to feed on,
To wallow in the hype.

No we were not patriotic,
Nor those who died in war,
‘cause it wasn’t for their nation,
that they exist no more.

It was for those beside them,
Who fought to the bitter end,
The buddy and the comrade,
The loyal warrior friend.

It’s nice I guess for others,
To justify their thoughts,
To ease the minds of Mothers,
With propaganda type reports

We went because some minister,
Said we ought to go,
Be the reason true or sinister,
Makes no difference you know.

A soldier’s world is soldiering,
Fighting with a will,
Any folk our pollies deem
An enemy to kill

All this talk of nationhood,
Does not from the soldiers come,
Except when they are veterans,
When the war is over and done.

The reality on the battle field,
Is blood and guts and gore,
And doing your best to stay alive,
In a very private war.