Colin F. Jones


Most are bathed in sunlight while some the frost must thaw,
For the many saw no action that the few saw in that war.
Yet some were long term soldiers while another’s time was short,
That’s the way it’s always been; the way all wars are fought.
There is crying and self sorrow, guilt, and repetitive Dream,
Those silently with heartbreak, listening to their loved one’s scream.
The many will merge and manage, the few will lose their way,
But all of them will be there, to celebrate *Memorial Day.
War brings them all together to remember comrades who have died;
The proud columns again all marching with weariness in their stride.
Once Guardians of their nation; some spent and shattered men,
Some filled with fire and spirit, that possessed them way back then,
When they marched to war and battle as Warriors young and bold,
Who are still loyal to their brothers be they warm or be they cold.

Author’s Note: ANZAC Day (April 25 each year) in Australia and New Zealand has the same import as Memorial Day in America