Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Because we live inside ourselves,
it is ourselves we love the best,
thus always seem to defend our thoughts,
against those of the rest.
No true man thinks he’s lesser than,
the rest who form the team,
so often he gets stroppy and
sometimes gets pretty mean.
Well some can write pretty good,
and some can kick a ball,
but time should make it understood
that we don’t know much at all.
So let us share the brotherhood,
for which our comrades fall.

~ 2 ~

If you know where life is after death,
then you might know something new,
because on this Earth there’s nothing left,
on which to state a view.
No matter what the Preacher says,
nor how many wars you fight,
time rolls on without delays,
regardless of who thinks they’re right.
No matter whom you think you are,
you are going to die like me,
it won’t matter much if your demise,
is thought to set you free,
‘cause you won’t be back to tell us what,
through dead eyes you can see.

~ 3 ~

So who has time to argue,
and who has time to wail?
‘Tis just a lease on life you’ve got,
in a body weak and frail.
A life ain’t long – not yours or mine,
and for some it’s even less,
so what’s the point in doing time,
and accumulating stress.
Stuff the pain and anguish,
if I can cry I sure can laugh,
for a lack of sail don’t banish
a bloke to serving aft.
And when he drops the anchor
… well he won’t have nothing left.