Colin F. Jones


Are we forced to fight for freedom or is it our duty to
Protect the homes we live in where our dear families grew
Do we die for politicians Presidents and greed,
Or is it for our way of life that we risk our vital seed.
Can we refuse or run away; not face a potential foe,
Or do we just stand here and pray, while other people go.
Must we start a war to stop a war look far away to see,
If there is dust beyond the hills where the potential enemy be,
Or do we wait as Chamberlain did in the Second World War,
That caused the deaths by that delay of a million men or more.
We know the answers and the costs and yet we still complain,
That when our dead and wounded mount our politicians are to blame,
Yet we all have minds to think with and choices we can make,
So perhaps we are just blaming other people for our own mistakes.