Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

That which is said that coats so sweet the cake,
Coats it with a skill without mistake.
For those words we don’t like that we do read
Tend to sour the cream and thus the feed.
For sweet prejudice lives in all those words we write,
That lose not in their brilliance any light,
As well opposed the lines we favour less
Are often more the skilled with fine finesse.
‘Tis why the handsome singer counts his coin
While the better but less handsome reaps but scorn;
And why the white clad priest stands out the more
From all those dull clad evangelists so poor…
For what we wish to read doth sweeter seem
Than those true words that challenge what we dream.

~ 2 ~

We make channels in the sand with our noses
For then we will be forgiven our sins.
All the nettles will be considered as roses
And the bawdy songs will be heralded as hymns.
We stand in awe of those who can kill us;
Fear those who can take away our rights
And pretend that in them we can trust
In return for some organized delights.
Let us bathe in the Oceans of sham;
Hide truth in the shadow of lies,
For it will ever be the nature of man,
That himself he will always despise;
For killing and killing and killing…
For he knows when he dies that he dies.

~ 3 ~

This goodness we seem to be clothed in,
Stained by the admittance of sin,
Seems to conceal a body of violence
With a vile seed planted within.
We are unable to maintain tranquillity
And love is the invention of law,
For we all share the same ability
To kill one another in war.
Our minds are subject to persuasion
To radical thinking and hate;
Fluctuating from occasion to occasion,
Determining our eventual fate.
Though for us who have given up freedom,
Perhaps it is never too late.

~ 4 ~

The evil we fight to destroy
Is the evil that lives in ourselves.
To kill evil, we, evil deploy
For evil in humanity dwells.
The threshold we need to discover
Is that which requires no wrong,
Pledging never to hurt one another,
To sing an unhuman song.
But the nature of life won’t permit it,
The system requires that we fight;
The Earth must keep on turning
That there’s always a day and a night,
Until another place captures our yearning
With a new and mysterious light.

~ 5 ~

We must live with our selves forever
And acknowledge what has gone before;
Continuing research and endeavour
To determine the nature of war.
We’ll always love our families and tribes
But even there, our loyalties will fail
And we’ll respond to nature’s strong vibes
The train running from the unpredictable rail.
So we do the best we can do,
Making laws to control what we are;
Pretending that our lies are true,
That our resources will never retard…
For so long as our lives increase,
Famine and war will not cease.