Colin F. Jones


You know if I was perfect I’d not be here on Earth,
And none of you self serving folk could estimate my worth.
But of course I’m not from heaven though I’ve known a little Hell,
Shared life with black and yellow and even white as well,
‘Cause I figured it no problem being imperfect here you see,
‘Cause I’m among good company right here where you lot be.
I might look somewhat different, but you are different too,
But I pride myself for what I am because my heart is true.
And you know I think it wondrous that we can our torments share,
With each other who are people who have learned to love and care.
‘Cause soldiers, they are special, and those who went to war,
Have learnt to love their brothers as they could not have done before,
For those who stand up proudly for what they really are,
Will one day up in heaven, be a honoured shining star.