Colin F. Jones


South Vietnam – 1968: 4 RAR/NZ (Anzac) Btn Supported by 104 Fld Bty
(First Battalion attack since the Korean War)

Twenty five thousand sandbags we had filled
Stacked them round the bunds to hide the guns
And keep of course us blokes from getting killed
For the noggy in the area there were tons
Somewhere out there a bunker complex found
Was occupied with cong and other gooks
So we stuffed ‘em up with over a thousand rounds
As the grunts prepared to go and have a look
All night we fired in the pouring monsoon rain
And the ANZAC Battalion attack got in their face
Big US Guns from Bear Cat gave ‘em pain
Stopping when the grunts went through the place
The cooks were bringing ammo through the mud
Helped by lots of other funny blokes
From where the choppers hovered chewing cud
Watching all the cooks and other soaks
Well, like all things there had to be an end
The noggy bunkers were blown out everywhere
But where the noggy went we can’t pretend
‘Cause we didn’t bloody know and didn’t care
The prize turned out to be a bag of rice
‘Cause after all the shooting and the shot
We took it back to Dat to feed the mice
‘Cause that was all the booty that we got
So there you have it all you history folk
The only ANZAC Battalion attack in Nam
And if you think the effort was a joke
Then so be it ‘cause I don’t give a damn.