Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

The children play between the barbed wire,
There is no other place they can play,
Their class rooms at school are on fire,
And there’s no teacher to teach them today.
There are no flowers growing in the gardens,
The fruit trees in the orchards are bare,
There’s no vegetable for sale in the markets,
And the rest of the world doesn’t care.
Dogs feed on the bodies of their Mothers,
That lie dead in the alleys and the streets,
Their fathers have left with their brothers,
To where the beaten and shattered retreat.
And we complain that our prime time suffers,
Every time these atrocities repeat.

~ 2 ~

We do nothing but express our vain passions,
Not one part of their agony do we share.
We live in our havens and mansions,
Pretending that we really care.
We party and feast without hurting,
Feeding our dogs with our leftover meat,
The same dogs those wretches are hunting,
To kill them for something to eat…
The snipers use the children for practice,
The girls are raped then brutally killed,
Old women and Mothers molested,
For indeed the soldier is skilled!
In killing destroying and raping…
Until his duty is proudly fulfilled.

~ 3 ~

Who cares if the children are crying!! ?
Who cares if they starve and die!! ?
Who Cares!! Who cares!! If they’re dying,
Your sympathy won’t keep them alive!!
I can’t tolerate the righteous pretenders,
With their flowery words seemingly kind,
For they are the Devil’s Angelic defenders,
Who are often deliberately blind.
So we shall live in our sanctuaries of freedom,
And feast on our gourmet of foods,
And pretend that the world doesn’t need them,
Lest their suffering in our own life intrudes.
As we pray to our God to help us,
That our own standard of living improves

~ 4 ~

Words of pity are to sooth one’s own conscience,
Not to sooth the conscience of those who are sad,
‘Tis the obnoxious who objurgate their brothers,
Who are openly uncaring and glad.
For each consideration kindly given to another,
Falsifies the world where we live,
If the compliments that we randomly offer,
Are counterfeit presents that we pitying give.
So the children they just keep on dying,
Because they live in a land that is poor,
And the soldiers haven’t come to save them,
For their God doesn’t care anymore.
He’s gone over there with the white folk,
Where there is freedom and feasting galore.

~ 5 ~

The world doesn’t need the old soldiers,
Who are tired and now need to rest,
The burden is not on their shoulders,
The OLD soldiers have given their best.
But the world needs the children that suffer,
To survive starvation and war,
To provide the world with the buffer,
All the structures of life to restore.
It needs them to rule in the future,
To seek peace with peace in their hearts,
To prosper and ever to nurture
The love left over when hatred departs.
But it seems they will never be favoured,
For we lack the will we need in our hearts.

Submitted for the March 2004 IWVPA Club theme Project, “Children