Colin F. Jones


I sat on my ass in Vungers mate,
For the whole time of our tour,
Went on parade a couple of times,
But that was just a bore.
I avoided that, the RAP,
Became my favourite place,
And anyway the war was crap,
Just a bloody great disgrace.
Wrote home to mum and told 'em all,
What it was like to live in Hell,
And when I went home got on TV,
I had so much to tell.
And they gave to me a pension mate,
‘Cause I was back from Hell.

Went over to Nam to take a look,
And stay a week or two,
Or as long as it eventually took,
To get the medals through.
After all a man like me,
An Officer and a man,
Requires some medals for all to see,
That I served in Vietnam.
Once qualified I went back home,
No sense in risking life,
And soon I rang the telephone
And told my anxious wife.
I’m home my dear, home from Hell,
I’m a hero… can’t you tell?