Colin F. Jones


Avoiding friendship because you might suffer when they die is a rather timid and selfish way to look at life. How could anyone live life with such a philosophy? Death is not a Reason to suffer from self pity, there is a period of grief, which ought then to develop into fond memories, though sometimes sad, and you get on with life.

When I worked as the Secretary for our TPI Association, every year, I would cross off 4 to 8 names from the membership list, of those who died. At first I was appalled each time I drew a line through their names, the reality of it; being aware of my close friends, Dying one by one. It seemed as they died their places were filled with new members in that the numbers always remained roughly the same.

The crossed out names made me think, “Is this it then. Is this how it ends. Is this the final worth of a human being? Do I not now befriend the rest of them because they also might, (in fact will) die? Or do I seek the wonderment such friendships bring in that I will remember the good times we had”.

Are they not with God – or is FAITH just a meaningless word?