Colin F. Jones

(Pronounced Ozzies)

So sincere those ‘mericans, they had no bone to chew,
They liked to pass a ‘quid’ around and share a goodly Brew,
They thought us Aussies bonkers ‘cause they couldn’t work us out,
We were a mob of ravers mate and that’s without a doubt
We liked to call the yanks ‘piss weak” cause we were jungle trained,
Because like them we were the best though maybe not so famed.
We did not have a Hollywood the propaganda or the dream,
But we were just as bloody proud to wear the Aussie green,
We didn’t take shit from anyone and thought ours didn’t smell,
But the truth is that our farts enough to drive all into Hell!.
Crude we are, we rave and rant and we’re always poking fun,
We knock you down to pick you up ‘cause that’s the way it’s done,
We really are a complex lot but we don’t really think we’re great
But we have to keep our dander up and call a mate a mate,
We hate tall poppies, fancy folk, though cooks have special place,
That’s why most blokes do marry one according to their taste
We like our girls so long as they don’t have too much to say,
Someone’s got to scrub and work while the blokes go out to play,
And if you think these words aren’t true then let me be polite,
It don’t apply to us blokes here, but to others, yes it might!!