Colin F. Jones


Odious war perpetuates heroes,
for their offences
against humanity…
sanctioned by principles,
of freedom.
all soldiers are heroes,
but some are Heroes!
So are footballers
…… but they don’t kill!
Let us not overcrowd the Earth,
with a single species…
let us build more guns!
there are too many
… footballers already!
Let us replace them with trees!
Trees do not wage war…
they are steadfast,
and wonderful!
Savagery describes their destruction!!
Man destroys everything,
for himself,
whom he will also destroy.
He will do it while regretting,
and sympathising…
because he is insincere,
and greedy.
We lie more to ourselves,
than to others…
sit under a tree and feel
……… the ants running over your legs,
with dead leaves in your hair…
then go home…
and sit on your chair!
If it is made from wood,
walk in it and listen
to the birds singing…
or perhaps they are dead.