Colin F. Jones


Through the smoke and shell and slaughter,
Through the snow drifts side by side
Driving through foul mud and water
They gave their all and for it died.
In the trenches, stenching jungles
In the teeming monsoon rain
In the deserts and the mountains,
Racked by fear and crippling pain
They fought for freedom and survival
They fought for home and child and wife
They died that every living person
Might find a peaceful happy life

Though the world, may never know them,
Know their fear and mental cost,
We are proud, that they were soldiers
Who preserved for others what they lost.
They did not die for rank or honour,
They did not hate their gallant foe,
They fought for friend and one another,
As only veteran soldiers know.
So now we stand; salute their passing,
Once again to say goodbye
People of a tranquil nation
Made free by those who had to die

In thought and dream we resurrect them,
Those who went to war and died
Those who gave their lives for freedom
Those who would not be denied.
Gone the profiles of their faces
Gone their hearts and thoughts and deeds
Leaving only fading traces,
Of a fine and noble breed
We’ll not forget them; no not ever!
We’ll count them present on parade
For while we stand as one together
Their memory will not fade.