Colin F. Jones


Winston Peters: New Zealand Member of Parliament
Winston Peters
New Zealand Member of Parliament
~ 1 ~

If we are truly Christian,
then Islam is a threat,
for it undermines our culture,
that one day we will regret.
Our country, is an island,
An island of the free,
Our faces broad and merry,
Are uncovered for all to see.
We should listen to our people,
For tis they who write the song,
Who know in Christian culture,
That Islam does not belong.
And to cultivate such mixture,
Is to do our country wrong.

~ 2 ~

Are we racist to guard our culture?
If we are, so let it be.
Soldiers died that no foreign vulture
Would fly across our sea.
Our land is as we’ve made it,
From blood and sweat and tears,
The way we want to keep it,
As every native here reveres.
They, who come to change it,
start a culture of their own,
can turn themselves around,
take their culture and go home.
For Islam is a threat upon our lifestyle
As all the history books have shown.