Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

The breeze disturbs the leaves where we lie
As shadows move along the narrow track
I see the movement of my comrade’s eye
A margin from the moon along his back
The shadows turn to shapes all plain to see
Wearing black and armed with Russian gun
The leader stops and seems to look at me
But she is smiling for she is having fun
The Skipper’s colt rips red across her face
As every weapon in the ambush fired,
All five in black are flung from place to place
Lives in one great roar of bedlam all expired
Then silence, more silent than silent is,
Crept through the cordite with a quiet hiss

~ 2 ~

They lay spread out along the narrow track
All were dead and drenched in mattered blood
We searched each one and each one’s army pack
Working as quickly as we surely could
Three were men and two were teenage girls
All wearing ID Tags upon their chests
Their faces shone in moonlight like soft pearls
As their life’s blood oozed through their shattered vests
We moved away back through the ambush site,
And followed the guide to the RV further back
Soon we were gone vanished in the night
Leaving darkness to swallow up the track
In that vast wide dripping jungle wide
Five more people had, for nothing, died.