Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

All things were made by the Christian God,
The horses, cows, and miry sod,
Animals and plants of every kind,
Clear eyed people and the blind.
Logically he either stuffed things up,
Or deliberately made a door that won’t stay shut,
Either way if he made it all,
It included the act of waging war.
That by design will never cease,
Because he did not think to create peace.
Then some bloke came along and said,
Well you can’t live until you’re dead,
So follow all the things I say,
Just pray and pray and pray and pray.

~ 2 ~

So we keep on praying while we fight,
Pretending what we do is right,
All because some woman said,
“Hey mate! Do you wanna come to bed?”
It’s just as well God gave him one,
Else nothing more would have been done,
And we would all be waiting still,
Missing out on pain and pill,
And churches, they would not be built,
And blood and guts would not be spilt,
There would never have been an atom bomb,
A mushroom cloud to block the sun,
And Adam, he’d still be on his own,
In his little paradise, alone.

Author’s Note: Just for you, Bob (Robert A. Brown)