Colin F. Jones


Who are you to declare him right,
To lambast those you think are wrong,
Because they see not with your biased sight,
And to your culture do not belong?

Why is it that your God forgives
For causing other men to die,
Providing they in faith do live,
Doubt not their Lord God’s reason why.

I know of fates in world war two,
They fought not back to stay alive,
Whose children died in naked queue,
Because faith said, ‘don’t survive’.

Does God forgive this barbaric hoard,
Who laugh at pain and pray their sin,
Be forgiven by that self same Lord,
That the folk they slew had full trust in.

Yes peace is temporary as is war,
And killing souls is surely sin,
And it is death we all deplore,
For none who die can ever win.

Author’s Note: I apologise, but I think I am bound to respond for those who might take offence at your verse which demeans those who may not accept your point of view. While I might agree with much of what you write, I don’t agree with your attitude which you yourself describe as being that of another in your work, but unfortunately fits your own in this situation. I do in fact (I might be wrong) sense here a reaction to a verse of my own previously written… perhaps inspired by it. As always your lines are well written, and I love reading your work…. Love Col.

This is a response to the poem, “War-to-Peace-to-War, Ad Nauseam” ©Copyright March 9, 2003 by Nancy L. Meek