Colin F. Jones


A man whose actions saved his buddies lives
When flame and fire stared him in the face
That they returned to love their waiting wives
Is a man who gives his all without disgrace
He saw his comrades lose their limbs and die
And wears this burden with a sense of pride
Still serving those who fought to quell the lie
He honours what they were before they died
I salute this hero; as a war worn soldier too
Who knows the cost that combat soldiers share
Who honours those who are the braver few
Who risk a little more than most would dare
With great respect I offer him my hand,
For he is a soldier whom I understand

Dear Buck,

Your poem “A Tribute” must have caused the dust to fly
Because as I read “A Tribute”, a tear came to my eye
It certainly must have been the dust; yes, that’s the reason why
Because the entire world surely knows that grown Marines never cry
… Or Do They?

Semper Fidelis
(Always Faithful, especially to My Friends)
Yo Ole’ Bro
Loyde P. “Snake” Arender