Colin F. Jones


Let us toast our leaders and those leaders who lead them,
Let us toast the regiment and all its glorious men,
Let us toast Australia the nation that unites us all,
The flag that flies above us; those found in our minds recall;
Those brave warriors who went before us; those who fought and died;
Those at home who waited; those who, due to loss, have cried.
Let us thank God for those who love him; for our safe return,
Thank those who nursed our wounded; for their true fond concern.
Let us ever love our comrades those who we stood beside,
Those who form this united brotherhood with such immortal pride
Let us always hope for peace for understanding and respect,
Let us never the cry for help turn away from and reject.
Let us pity those in ignorance who know not what they do,
And follow truth to freedom that sweet liberty guides us to.