Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

All wars are just to some folk, who believe,
That what they do is for a cause well meant.
Regardless of the things we might perceive,
Who went to war but now try to prevent,
Others from doing; what they were proud to do,
But now reject based on the pass of time,
Which provides for them, a very different view,
And doubt themselves in their life’s decline.
Well I was proud to fight against a foe
To wear the uniform of my countries force.
Proud to fight wherever I might go
For that was mine, this Australian soldier’s choice.
I’ll never blame the leaders of my race
For that which in I took my noble place

~ 2 ~

From the war in Nam I returned to find,
That I like many suffered from the fight,
But unlike many I was not inclined,
To wage a war on who was wrong or right.
I do not seek out folk to level blame,
Nor to confuse the truth in a forthright lie,
In another war I would do the same,
For my nation’s reasons be prepared to die.
For if I believe my country to be fair
Believe in what our nation does is right
Then I will as a soldier go anywhere
They choose to send me to whatever fight
And I’ll not shed my tears across the land
Then claim the people do not understand

~ 3 ~

I will live and love until I die
Thereafter I do not know my future way
When I am sad and lonely I will cry
And welcome as a bonus every day
I’ll keep my promise to my loving wife
Honour every vow to precious friends
I’ll try to honour all the things I say
Seek out kindness wherever this life wends
I’ll not be scarred by the critics poison pen
Nor brought to anger by debasing words
Nor will I step aside from foolish men
When the truth I write unjustified disturbs
Ere yet I stand a proud Australian soul
On any day prepared to give my whole.