Colin F. Jones

(Wherever the Cap Fits, Let It Be Worn)

~ 1 ~

I used to want to be Roy Rogers,
then Tarzan of the Apes,
But then I wanted to chase Mongano
through paddies and the grapes
then along came Sugar Ray Robinson,
when Stanley Matthews was my champ,
and Greer Garson and Ester Williams,
were lighting up my lamp.
There was lots of folk I wanted to be,
But alas one by one they died,
And I ended up just being me,
No matter how hard I tried,
To be someone who life cant destroy,
But for all of them I cried.

~ 2 ~

For you see I had no self esteem,
I did not think much of me,
So all I did was dwell in dream,
And I lived life as a wannabe.
No one understood my shyness,
I don’t think they even cared,
Ignorant people they know nothing;
They live life unprepared.
So quick to judge and criticize,
Things they do not understand,
Believing their own lies,
To hide their own shaky hand
For they live only to despise,
To satisfy their own insecure demand.

~ 3 ~

Did you wannabe a soldier,
A proud serving marine,
Being told when to clean your teeth,
When to visit the latrine?
Or did you wannabe something else,
But had no choice but to be,
A hero in a foreign war,
Which with now you disagree?
Did you argue then and walk away
With your nose high in the air,
Or were you just a wannabe,
Without the guts to stand and dare
And say no thanks that ain’t for me,
Your war I will not share?

~ 4 ~

Did you hide out in a non combat role,
What excuses did you make?
Did you cut yourself or make a hole –
An injury to fake?
Is that why you hate those braver folk
Who chose to stand their ground,
Protest the war and go-for-broke,
While you were too scared to make a sound?
Oh sure you were in the thick of things
Because you were a wannabe,
And now that the fat lady sings,
You shoot off your mouth for free.
Well you ain’t an angel without wings:
You are just full of shit to me.