Colin F. Jones


Would that those worthy during peace,
Pledge all they are in war,
And not with perfervid thoughts decrease,
An honour worth fighting for.

Then the pernicious media somewhat restrained,
Might well choke on their breaths,
And count the soldiers they have maimed,
And by their treason, went to their deaths.

The pacifists who defy God’s law,
Who mock the Governments of their lands,
Are termites eating at the core,
Of the foundations which make them grand.

Fear not though! Children of the Lord,
For these fools are very few,
Who reap the benefits of the sword,
That your guardian soldiers drew,

To ensure the peace these false folk use,
To promote their toxic rights,
For all that’s good they will abuse,
To satisfy ill willed delights.

War is not good but if good it seeks,
To establish a lasting peace,
Then all the dangerous dictatorial freaks,
Must die that it will cease.