Colin F. Jones


Nothing by war is gained
lest death is thought as such,
But death by its description
does not offer much;
War does not make us free
it tightens more the noose,
That making war again
Never has its knot made loose.
Great moments come and go
but not in death and war,
They are moments when the rich
become equal to the poor
not when we fill the ditch,
with blood and guts and gore.

Yet what are we to do,
As we see conflict increase,
If the foe shares not the view
That we should live in peace.
We must defend ourselves,
Military strength we must maintain,
For in power existence dwells,
Lest we just gurgle down the drain.
“God bless the United States”
Indeed God bless Australia too,
We are not a nation who waits
For we are one of the trusted few.
For those Yankees are our mates,
Thus we stand by all they do.