Colin F. Jones


When we do not have the choice to make decisions for ourselves,
Then we do the best we can and struggle through our hopes and Hells,
But when we have the options between happy times and sad,
Then we do not have the right to choose sorrow over glad,
For we owe our lives to someone though it be but to a man,
Who gave his life for freedom in a place like Vietnam.
We owe it to our children and we owe it to our friends,
And we owe it to the folk we love though we must make amends.
For life is so wonderful; have you ever seen a baby born,
Have you seen a crippled child flying in the eye of a storm
Have you been among sad people who have nothing left to eat,
Yet offer what they gather be it scraps of mildewed meat
While we breathe this air together then we owe to one and all,
A measure of fulfilment that from grace we do not fall