Colin F. Jones


I have a very good friend a WW2 TPI, who is a very staunch, Socialist and Union man (I downloaded some Union “poetry” for him once and he was elated); a man who will always stop to say g’day and ask of your health etc. He was a good soldier and a trustworthy man to have by anyone’s side. But in many ways he reminds me of another in our midst (elsewhere) whom I am not over delighted to know.

You don’t have a conversation with people like him. What happens is – you make a statement about anything you like. Then he, GOD BLESS HIM, leaps in from the thistle patch, and accosts you with infantile name calling and insults in an attempt to make YOU feel bad, and HIM feel good.

He never raises an argument backed by any evidence, he simply disputes, what YOU say. He will in his defence, always try to turn your facts into lies, and throw them back at you as YOUR own words… never his own.

It is an old, old method which insecure people use as a self defence mechanism; ever the all-knowing, ever the critic of all things and all folk; the great pretence.

He does not believe in anything, certainly not God, or himself. Eventually if you argue with him enough, he will become angry, and reveal his hatred, by first denouncing God, usually in the form of Jesus Christ; because you see he feels this is your last line of defence against his negative narrow view of life.

What he fails to comprehend is that the faith of Christians is so powerful, so sincere and so forgiving, that he lives among them as a figure accepted in sympathy as a poor ignorant “sinner”, infiltrated by the Devils Angels. And that they pray sincerely for his enlightenment.

As an ex-professional veteran soldier I have difficulty in finding, the confidence I would require to trust such a man to back me up, on the battle field, because he has no sense of pride, no patriotic pride, no sense of comradeship, no sense of duty and judging by his
own treasonable comments unworthy of trust.

He is predictable and is easily manipulated, simply by responding, to his uncontrollable desire to disagree. Then just add a niggle or two here and there and he will entertain you with an endless feeble, though eloquent, verbiage, of contumelies, which he uses self descriptively to impugn the honour of his more contented and stable thought of victim.

Studies of WWII prisoners of war reveal to a large degree that soldiers in captivity who have a religion, or are believers in God (this was a British study) are far less likely to give away secrets or information under threat than those who are Atheist. It was found also that Atheist’s were easy to single out because of their attitudes and their lack of ‘genuine’ comradeship with others who were not Atheist.

I would have to search right back through my piles of papers and books to give you a reference, which I ain’t going to do, but I’m sure there would be some literature on this on the net somewhere. No doubt there would be some “Church” involvement behind the scenes.

We, (that is the TPI organization, I was up until recently the local secretary of) have had occasion to investigate one or two ‘wannabes’, with about 50% success.

The characteristics of such types are not unlike the Atheist type, and indeed, since we have never investigated their religious privacies, they may even have been Atheist’s. One poor sole was on the State committee, doing a fine job, for several years before he was discovered to be ‘A Pretender’. A good guy… but…

As in all organizations many in the TPI are Freemasons, and I have several close friends (older men) such as the President OAM, of our local TPI, who is in fact a 32nd Degree, and pretty much the boss, in the lodges around this district; a very ambitious man, but a man who gets the job done.

Another Freemason friend, who lived close by before moving interstate, provided me with many “Ancient books” to read, as well as the monthly Freemason, magazine, itself having many stories of very ancient origin copied in it.

Freemasonry could be said to be based on the Old Testament, and indeed its histories go back well before the birth of Christ and the actual writing of the Holy Bible.

Christian Churches condemn Freemasonry, because they fear it. They also have a lot in common. In fact more often than not Christian hierarchy practice much of what they demandingly accuse Freemasonry to practice – a common example being “secrecy”.

When the local church discovered that “The Bible Teachers” husband was associating with Freemasons, (I was invited to join) the bible teacher being my wife who was teaching Sunday school, they took it upon themselves to lend me several books written by Christians about freemasonry, claimed to be written without Bias, but written with Bias, but providing new insights for me to study.

My question was… and for many other reasons since is; What are they afraid of?

I did not join the Freemasons, as their rituals, like those of the Army to this old veteran, seemed rather comical, even though I was aware of the seriousness of this established brotherhood where many pretend to like fellow Freemasons when in fact they don’t, another similarity to the Christian Church system. However, many are members and I respect their choice. All of the Freemasons I know, and there are many, are fine decent people, which unfortunately I cannot say about all the Christians I know, although many are.

As I am not a Socialist, nor an Atheist, though I am probably not a Christian, not yet anyway, I would have to admit there might be some bias in my observations of an Atheist. I don’t particularly care what their non-beliefs are, but I do observe the dangers of Socialism, and it’s easily infiltrated system by ‘low form’ elements.

The local Church, representative of “the” Church, had gone to quite some lengths to convince me that it was their business to interfere with my private thoughts, and actions, and to take it upon themselves to insist that certain people (freemasons) should not be my acquaintances.

I attended the local church to help them out, by operating their sound system. My, wife and daughters have always attended church, our daughter being a fine singer being a part of the church band.

I attended a “men’s group”, the church had arranged and with others who had turned up not really knowing what a men’s group was, to listen to a claimed War Veteran now some sort of padre at the local jail, using Vietnam as his platform for enlightenment.

I was in fact the only Veteran of any war, in attendance. At one part he described how he “murdered” two Viet Cong captives on the orders of his commanding Officer, he himself being an Officer. Yes, he actually said “I murdered these two POW’s on the instructions of my commander”. Well I wanted to ask him, since he had admitted to MURDER, why wasn’t he in Jail… but of course he was in jail; hiding out as a Minister.

I decided to tell them what to do with their church, but my family remained in attendance on a regular basis, and were involved in bible study with some fanatical woman who practiced what we might call “fundamental religion”.

Our second daughter decided to go to Brisbane the capital city of Queensland, to live with her future husband. Without influence from anyone they vowed to one another not to have sex, until they were married.

Of course all the “churchies” in our little village had other ideas and, by judging us to themselves, openly condemned this arrangement. The aggravation they caused our family due to this is quite astonishing. They pursued our daughter at church and in the local shops to such an extent, telling her what a sinful thing she was doing, that she became quite distressed.

They also drove my wife to despair, and she left the church though kept on with the unrelated Sunday school teaching. Our daughter married as a virgin and now has a child and is expecting a second.

To bring my wife out of the doldrums I told her since we had not married in a church I wanted to marry her again, ‘in a church’. This we did where a poem of mine was read describing our own principles and morals, and our favourite song was played. That was our last visit. Later my wife too ill to teach gave up the Sunday school, and we now live for each other, and for those five grandchildren and two daughters, and one to come soon.

I decided to pursue the truth many years ago, when one night on leave from the Army, I wanted to sit alone in a church and think. I went to every kind of church in the area. They were all locked. I had never known church doors to be locked, and regardless of the fake reason (for I believe the reasons to be false) they should never be closed. It was then that I realized the people did not ‘own’ the churches at all, nor did God… they were owned by the pretenders inside who were highly paid to preach what they failed to practice.

I went to Vietnam with a cross around my neck… I came home without it. I don’t know what happened to it. It wasn’t important. I knew a Padre there, whom I later became acquainted with in our local district.

I attend a Freemasons ANZAC Commemoration ceremony on invitation of my OAM friend (no names no pack drill) every year, (except the last two) where this same priest was invited to talk. He talked a lot of shit, as he did at a “Professional Businessman's” club meeting (I used to be a member off) where I subjected him to a couple of questions. He knew nothing because he had never ventured out from his sanctuary. All he seemed to say was Vietnam was a dirty war.

He is a nice kind man, well educated who came from England a photographer, until realizing what a lucrative career it was to serve as a priest, though I say ‘serve’ with reservations. He retired recently and is enjoying a comfortable life. He was replaced as the minister in the Coffs Harbour church where our daughter was to be married.

The day before she was to be married this minister stood her up at the door and told her he would not marry her until she had paid the following; all carefully documented on a piece of paper but, of course, without any reference to the church or to him by name.

  1. $60 for the organist
  2. $120 for HIM as the attending minister
  3. $140 for HIM as a Celebrant Minister

A change of clothes, like Clark Kent! Suddenly he was another person. Instant double pay!!

Of cause this was 6 o’clock at night, she did not have such money, no bank card the bank now shut for the weekend. He was quite determined, and arrogant in his manner. This was the Presbyterian Church.

So the whole process which involved two churches, our local village church and the Coffs City Church was continuing. As far as I know the Catholic Church does not charge for weddings, but I do not have information on that.

For mine, I don’t believe anyone requires nor needs the false blessings of the church, or by a particular defective minister, to become man and wife. The common unity of a family, the spirit of respect and love, is all known to God, if indeed you want the blessings of God. The stupid ritualistic nonsense that Pagan clothed, so-called Priests who pose as what they are not, is also known to God.

The bond of marriage is expressed in love; the genuineness of that love lives in the Spirit of God, for indeed God is love. God will not hold out his hand asking you to pay for your love. He gives it freely. For if you care to share it with him then your marriage is sealed in love forever.

No man, who is a so called Priest, a self elected representative of God, has the power to act in God’s place. No Priest on Earth can bless you, only God can do that. Nor does a Priest have any right to do anything regarding your person IN THE NAME OF GOD.

He has no claim over THE NAME OF GOD, no more than you have. He was not hired by GOD given any particular status by GOD, nor was he elected by the people to represent GOD. He lives in relative comfort taking “offerings” from poor people too embarrassed to refuse while HIS church, (not the people’s church) in which he does not spend any time lest it be of massive proportions, or when an event is occurring remains locked preventing casual entry by those who are the REAL owners.

It would be interesting to observe a court case over the ownership of the church.

When you sit your grandchild on your knee, do you not feel the warm comfort of Gods arms wrapped around you? When you walk together in the woods, hand in hand, do you not feel the joy of the spirit within you? When I look into my wife’s eyes I do so with deep love, and I feel it reflected back.

All this is true of life. Why do I need some fancy dude half my age flashing his ridiculous colours in my face every day in my own home and preaching his baby stories? Does he not know I have no need of his reminders; his attempts at daily “brainwashing”. Who the Hell is anyone, to preach their beliefs to me? He takes advantage of the fact that most will tolerate it for the sake of the few.

Have you ever thought about why, these intimidators continually shove their insecurities into your face; into the faces of those who are already believers? Is it not for their own purposes, since it cannot possibly be for yours?

We all have access to a Bible. We can read as we see fit to do so. We can attend Church if we wish too. They worm their way into all groups if they can. Where are those who disagree? Would they dare enter a group of the obviously religious? I know of one, who dares, but unfortunately his mission is designed to disrupt and not to share with us different opinions; an educated man, but without moral standards.

So I arrive back at the beginning, and all is the same. On Saturday we bury a good kind man who never went to church in his life. They called him Father Fred, a rough tough axe-man; sleeper cutter and fine bushman. Children in particular loved him; loved his gruff voice. They loved him because they knew him to be gentle and kind; this man who could probably snap the neck of a bull.

There will be no Church service; no fuss, as he referred to it. No imitation do-gooder gibbering over his grave, as they lower him in; just a good man who did good things because he did not need a stream of constant religious diatribe every day to be a decent human being; faithful to the end, a man’s man, and a gentle mountain.

We bid him farewell and grieve at his passing.

Then we return to it all don’t we, once again to walk the gauntlet of parasites. They are like ants feeding on a dead carcass; vultures and hyenas. Everybody trying to intimidate you, influence you; all with the same greedy aspirations; to control you; manipulate you, to part you from your money, your sole and in the end your life.

And when you lie dead, there they are still, charging you for the plot of ground they themselves never purchased so do not really own.

There is no mention of the years of dropping dollars into the plate, no offer from GODS CHURCH, to help cover the extraordinary costs of the funeral and burial.

GOD’S CHURCH does not provide a Hearse, which you would have paid for a thousand times over… and when you move into the graveyard, a sign indicates where to bury the Catholics and where to bury the Church of England folk. Because you see they each have a different heaven. In one you get to enjoy the company of Mary who was a human being, and in the other Jesus who is a God. Well at least that’s one way to figure it.

Soldiers, well most of them lay together, what Church they were processed by does not matter – they are all the same in brotherhood, all the same to God.

God did not divide black and white, the Church did. The white church which in its disgrace was taught the truth of their sins, and how to celebrate the spirit of God as God meant it to be by those they enslaved. The slaves were always the masters; they had dignity; courage, great faith, and the loving belief that one day the sacrifices at the hands of lesser men would lead to a new prosperity – a new truth – a new beginning.

Today I am able to talk to such a product of that race. When I was a child we used to sing;

Catch a Nigger by the toe,
If he squeals let him go…

and other such innocent little limericks.

We did not know what a nigger was, except for that wonderful image of the fat mamma who always wore an apron and looked after whole families of white folk on the American movies.

We watched our Hero cowboys knocking off the terrible Indians, who were called Warriors, who like the German soldiers seemed always to be charging about waving their weapons in the air and getting shot. Custer must have been a real dipstick based on all that. But we now know the true story don’t we, as they did back then, but chose to lie.

We watched newsreels of the CLAN, most of them made of church dignitaries, business men and politicians. I noted the lack of protest by the so called “ordinary” people. In Australia the “Blackfellows”, who were not considered to be human were being used for target practice while their inhuman “lubras” (women) were being laid by these wonderful white gentlemen of the Parish, and their children taken away from them, to be taught how to live “properly”, in the white man’s church slave dormitories, where they were flogged daily, sexually abused and more.

So why do I get annoyed when people who haven’t yet changed their own shoes start flashing their colourful bullshit in my face – their aggravating little righteous stories, as though I was a little bloody kid… you might now better understand why… And why I can’t stand people who demean the real saviours of the world… soldiers.