Colin F. Jones


It begins with the child;
The manufacture of his brain,
Do we want another Jesus Christ,
Or another Saddam Hussein?

We have tried to make them pure;
To be good like a priest,
But the perception is obscure;
With the devil they do feast!

We have offered hard won freedom;
Freedom for the free,
But affluent youth know only things
That their own eyes can see.

Yet the teacher blames the pupil
For his own lost foolish pride,
For how could they know the reason
Why yesterdays soldiers died.

Old men try to tell the young,
As old men are trying to tell them,
But their words will go unsung,
As politicians they condemn.

Always fault lies with the other,
Though men claim to have a choice,
Until growing older they discover
That they did not have a voice.

So too late they sing their song,
Outdated and unheard,
Flapping wings that now belong
To a flightless bird