Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Earth is a violent and savage place,
Where every living thing struggles to survive,
Dining on one another to establish their race,
To ensure their species is forever alive.
Life is balanced by inevitable death,
Overpopulation leads to chaos and woe,
We must be careful in choosing our path,
Refrain from going where it is dangerous to go.
We must accept the way the world is,
Wishful thinking promotes a false scene,
Nations will rise and nations will fall,
Leaving but traces of what might have been.
Mother nature is in control of it all:
She is the law – the controller the Queen.

~ 2 ~

Men are driven to compete and to fight,
To defend what they share with their kin;
To establish a measure of might,
Over all adversaries they must battle to win.
We have no rights for they cannot exist,
If they can be changed or taken away,
If we sit idle while adversaries persist,
Then our empires will eventually decay.
Yet great nations will topple and fall,
Due to the complexity of multiple clans,
Who try to retrieve what they lost from it all,
Or who seek to establish dictatorial plans.
While the seas wash the east coastline away,

~ 3 ~

In the west new islands display.
The remnants of the vanquished will rise,
With modified cultures contesting the rule,
Of the crumbling great institutes of lies
That have long treated the people as fools.
With them will come understanding and love,
For they have suffered humiliation and woe,
They’ll fly together as Eagle and Dove,
And once more clear water will flow,
Through the veins and arteries of Earth,
Through the heartlands of friendship and peace,
As hatred temporarily turns into mirth.
And hostilities for a moment do cease.
But the populations will continue to grow,
And ill winds will eventually blow.

~ 4 ~

Divisions will soon change the peace,
Systems of belief will question each other,
The more they debate the more they’ll increase,
Brother will unite only with brother.
Soon enough there will be a great leader,
Who seeks only to conquer and claim,
That to believe in his God and no other,
Will bring prosperity without any pain.
And once again the lie will be truth,
Institutions will grow and their power,
Will be established without any proof,
As the citizens minds they devour.
And the quakes and eruptions will continue,
Until there comes the inevitable hour.