Colin F. Jones


Who could invade America with its nuclear bombs and shells,
Other than a few smart Terrorists with labels on themselves,
No nation on Earth is capable no nation on Earth would try,
So why are Americans dying? Oh why are they dying – why?
Why do they send their troops to deserts, to fight a distant war?
Why did they send them off to Vietnam – are any of us sure?
It’s awesome to witness the power of death in the hands of might
That the most Christian nation on this Earth can claim as being right.
But what of those dead young soldiers Americans one and all?
Was it for their flag and country that they went away to fall?
What of their Fathers and Mothers their brothers who saw them go,
Who will live their lives forever their sons to never know?
Is the reason worth the dying on which we can depend,
Or is survival better served that from our own shores we defend?