Bruce Jones

Bruce is the brother of Vietnam Veteran, Colin F. Jones whose writings also appear on this site, and some of whose poems are published in the IWVPA Anthology, ‘Poems Of Distant Wars’.


IWVPA: Poems of Distant WarsPeering in through unlocked doors
Never entered but longed to go
Trying to fathom the sorrow and sadness
Captured in poems of distant wars.

It is hard to feel the heavy drops
When one is sheltered from the rain
Words that fall in mighty storms
Quickly in the barren earth do drain

Author’s Note: It must be a great feeling to be published in a book, for many people will read. I suppose it is an immortality, it will always be, endure, be left behind when we are gone. Proof possibly that we were here – if indeed it matters. It seems all war poetry has a sad note, as after some selected reading from ‘Poems Of Distant Wars’ has indicated. Nature of the beast I suppose. It (war or conflict) seems inevitable, a requirement of our being. Chemically driven from birth, our ways are destined to conflict. To progress we must fight? I doubt there will ever be peace