Jodie Johnson

Jodie wrote the two poems that appear below in support of the National War Memorial – The Arboretum in the United Kingdom.

Mike Downs, a 9 Squadron Association member, sent the photograph (included below), which he took during a visit to the United Kingdom in June 2013.

He wrote: The Arboretum is without a doubt the most magnificent memorial I think I have ever seen, over 100 acres (and growing) of memorial where it is planned that every British Soldier killed in wars since God alone know when, will be commemorated with a memorial tree; sort of like all our Avenues of Honour rolled into one place.

There are also memorials to Commonwealth Forces including our own killed in Vietnam. Individual regiments, battalions and companies have contributed some of the most beautiful memorials to the memory of their soldiers and it is without a doubt the most amazing and moving tribute and one has to ask, why don’t we have one?

I have attached a photo of two poems written by the same child when she was 9 and 11: reading them made me weep.

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Jodie Johnson: National War Memorial – The Arboretum in the United Kingdom
Photo ©Copyright 2013 by Mike Downs