Charles Johnson

Charles (Chuck) Johnson

Charles (Chuck) Johnson
A veteran of the US Army (1968-1970) and US Air Force (1971-1988), Chuck resides in Oceanside, California. He is skilled in varied survival techniques and is the author of several books and pamphlets on the subject, including Search and Rescue Survival Skills, Automotive Survival, Combat Desert Survival, and Earthquake Survival, and has a book on adventure poems currently in progress.


At night as I walk the field of battle once more;
Stepping over the dead, in my mind, evermore;
The smell of battle drifts in the wind,
and marks the slain with certain dread.

I know a part of me has died;
and from that I can never hide:
A crack in the armor of certainty
that used to guide my steps with surety.

The visions continue to haunt me
Deep into the nights long hours.
Where battlefields I visit;
Create a sweat of monumental showers.

Did you know sound can be remembered?
It can lay as heavy as a blanket

On the dreaming, silently screaming, warrior