Gary Jacobson


Gary Jacobson: Yet The Beat Goes OnIn man’s wars enacted on foreign shores
With guns and bombs and claymores
Each generation thinks they fought
The war to end all war
Earning freedom’s won by conflict sought
That all civilization says they abhor
Yet people still speak to people with tongues that fork
Honest love for one another conveniently cork…

Will each new generation
Have to learn history’s lessons leading to evils abdication?
By horrendous conflict surely we’ve learned
By patriotic blood lost earned
Or continue offering silent refrain
Each one of us hoping fallen comrades died not in vain.
Yet hatreds still flow, inspired El Qaida extremists
To a modern Pearl Harbor, New York, came vile terrorists…

Citing worldwide differences from Israel to Palestine
Hatreds between India-Kashmir-Pakistan
Fundamentalist’s bear religious enmities numerous as grains of sand
Hate with emerging patterns of bitterness hard to understand
Is it people that dress differently
Talk differently
Ireland’s IRA, Spain and the Basques
Muslims, Christians, Protestants, Catholics
Sparks glowing in red, white, yellow and blacks?

Why can’t you all think like me anyway
People on one side of the mountain
To people on the other side of the mountain say?
Why are foreign feet all made of clay?
O keep the cadence beat
For hatred’s evil never sounds retreat
As gorilla rebels in their wretched wrath
Find the “shining Path… “

As gadgets, spooks and the CIA
Greedy CEO’s maliciously with lives play
Men look to distant men with seething jealousy
Living cloistered lives in clannish fantasy
Forgetting brotherhood’s common courtesy
Differences fueling the warrior platoon
Children growing too old, too soon,
Old men learn to hate, to kill, under a hunter’s moon.

Yet the bestial beat goes on
Intolerance spurred by hatreds forsworn
Warlords in their vanity on their own prey
Tribes distrust other tribes across the ridgeline way
Breeding animosity for one another
Harboring vindictiveness for a brother
Swelling from every nation on earth
Rancorous hostility cankerous till humanities dearth.

There is one shining hope in the harvest we sow…
And it’s a four-letter word: don’t you know?
Plant seeds so brotherly love might in the world grow
Teaching peace worldwide for all mankind to bestow
Caring for others with love true peace will employ
Overcoming differences that will surely destroy.
Teach good will to every child, girl and boy
From the great peacemaker learn that to truly live
Of yourself to all mankind you must give.