Gary Jacobson


Who are the true heroes
Contending with special bravery as battles rage?
Who win the victor’s wage?
Who are these youth shouldering dying’s primeval age
Walking the park rife with shadows
Cast by freedom’s foes
Wearing hatred enshrouded by frenzied aggression
Who built pent up feelings in animosity’s passion
Chafed by despair without respite in spiritual turmoil
Who acrimoniously fume…embattled moil?

Who are the true heroes?
Is it they who show honor in sacrosanct duty
Devotion cloaked with honor naturally
Who roll up their sleeves to embrace freedom’s enmity
Fighting tragic wrong, n’er shirking
They who answered proudly their nation’s calling
Who go into the hellish maw
Innocently offering up inviolable all
Absorbing war’s fateful schizophrenia
Reliving daily irascibility’s mania?

Who are the true heroes?
Who willingly sacrifice themselves to save a brother
Left behind home, way of life, father…mother
Facing eminent demise at behest of fateful breath
Wielding the scepter of righteousness till sweet death
Extinction hovering in clouds battlefields over shrouding
Constantly overhead, fire and smoke about him camouflaging
Riding war’s bestial ogre till the full accounting?