Gary Jacobson


Memorialize fathers, brothers, sons, when the parade passes by
Proudly salute them, gazing on ethereal heavens rising high
Caught like a stone in your throat, heave for them a heavy sigh.
Slumber deep, brave heroes, under the Master’s watchful eye.
That they might today in peace and honor dwell
Who in the good fight lost mortality…
Now risen on high into immortality

As the parade passes by
See mesmerized glories dancing in young men’s eye,
Galvanized by sparks of war, exciting great mystery
Repeated throughout annals of man’s history.
See young men standing tall, standing proud
Heads held high above the belligerent crowd.
See tears glistening, eyes of mother’s cloud.
O, how their passing, an entire generation bowed.

Let our praises ring out
In great hue and shout
Jubilant will patriotism in our hearts swell
Rapturous as again we hear that holy knell
Remembering those who gave all that we might be
Living, loving in this great land of liberty.
Endowed by they who paid the ultimate price
Revere we now their noble sacrifice.

See the soldiers march in noble stride
Showing resolve that never will from duty hide.
O, in memory may we ever hold them fast
Men who loved their country, so deep, so vast
Enough to lay down their very life … for you
To evils incarnate in battle eschew.
Cast their immortal souls into our hearts and mind
For no better friends can mortal man find.

Feel a brave man’s touch as the parade passes by
Know that some will for you surely die.
O look down upon them with fond elation
Their duty in life Consecration
Deserves a hearty victor’s celebration
Pay tender devotion for their life’s dedication
Sore oppressed by the soldier’s chore
Abominate battle’s daily bore.

Keep forever for them home-fires burning
For their return to ‘the world’ for which they’re yearning.
God does a warrior’s valiant spirit adore
For truly on earth, they His arm of righteousness bore.
I shared an ache that day, touched by that being supernal
Seeing glimpses of budding hearts, passing into the eternal.
Borne again without sorrow, pity or grief
Rest ye now in the arms of the Holy Commander in Chief.

As the parade passes by in all its gaudy spectacle
Marching soldiers appear indeed as God’s holy tabernacle
Vessels on earth who do God’s will, receiving richest blessing
Veneration in congratulation, tribute, reverence in rejoicing.
God bless brothers merely going ahead to prepare the way
For brothers-in-arms meet in warrior’s Valhalla some day.
O! Hear the shouts of glorious reunion in the skies
When warriors loft again on high the victor’s prize.

Gary Jacobson: When the Parade Passes By