Gary Jacobson


We the people
Of this great land where freedom’s simple
From sunset shadow of terrorist catastrophe
Just huddled masses yearning to breathe free
Seeking peaceful domestic tranquility
Both at home and abroad collective harmony
Now in smoke rising from our own holocaust see
Devastation dealt by cowardice
Terrorism’s fanatical injustice.

We the people
Of this great land of independence ample
Resolve to brand those with amoral depravity
Who struck a death knell to blessed liberty.
For serpents striking with callous bestiality
Shall indeed reap what they have sown
Sowing the wind
And reaping the whirlwind.

We the people
Feel rancid fruits of a carrion seed sown
From hot fevered winds of a desert blown
We will not insidious sin condone
Planted in America’s heart of evil borne
By its despicable carnage our soul’s torn
Our nation humbled
Numbed sensibility gravely decayed
Crumbled from the light of day shadowed.

We the people
Will roll with this cowardly punch
For America wields as eagle’s jaws an awful crunch
To revenge national pride dealt a cheap shot blow
Welding America into an undivided foe.
Terrorists trembling in their cruelty hiding
Will eat fruits of foolish labors abiding
Face inspired patriotism to their cause defiant
For heinous deeds awakened a sleeping giant.

We the people
Can no longer tolerate
Terrorists actions horribly abominate!
America resolves to raise in glory patriotic eyes
To rise
from these pits of despair
Rise in might and glory above hatred’s lair
Bravely ascend from pall unbelievable
Unbearable to good men inconceivable.

We the people,
Will from this affliction rise
Vowing to see that terrorism dies
To forever silence its snarling lies
Quiet the malicious evil of desert despot
Revile fanatics who death to America sought
Aspiring to make America a sordid story
By evil machination to plunder its glory
To demolish the very things that make us free.

We the people
Believing in acts constitutional
True to legislative and representative principle
Saw our very stars and Stripes almost destroyed
Saw defamed evil in brutishness employed
Showing fanatical accursedness
Showing to suffering of others unwashed indifference
Who aimed by barbarity our great nation to cripple
This bastion of fundamental human morality to topple.

We The People

We the people
Once more throw off tyrannical shackles
Meant to bury us…
Never forgetting our countless heroes
Valiant deeds done mid agonizing throes.
We will also remember the men of shame
Whose criminal actions disrespect God’s name
Who tested the fiber of a nation’s will
But with renewed pride, it stands there still.

We the people
Will surely hold nefarious scoundrels accountable
Will hunt them down wherever they might roam
Will find them in field or home.
For those zealots cannot conceive
Will never perceive
Bravery in the strength of America’s pride
Burning in courage deep inside!

We the people
Will burst those crackpots sanctimonious bubble
Quell with force despots who ravage our peace
Bring heartaches that will not cease
Their hostile acts only focused our nation’s anger
The struggle they brought only made us stronger.
We will not give in to them
Our sights zeroed in on them…

We the people
Are dedicated to make of you fiends an example
So look out your window…
You cannot hide from us in your desert burrow.
Just look out your window…
We’ll be there!
To show you pain America’s swift sword will bear.
To show you how much you made us care
By your filthy, despicable, heinous act unfair!