Gary Jacobson


There is a spirit that makes warrior’s brothers
For together this band of neighbors
More tightly bound
By a special sense in combat found
Brothers by war infernal
Made fraternal
Looked into the eyes
Of the master of lies
Threatening tyranny on freedom’s sod
Challenged that bestial war God.

Brothers cast in war’s dark shadow as one,
Forged civilization’s destiny with a gun
Felt a hellhounds fetid breath
Under war’s wheels forevermore wielding death
Carried freedom’s torch in youth’s unripe hands
Far and away to impassioned foreign lands
Swords drawn in hatred from battle’s sheath
Around them swirling hostility’s unholy wreath
Struggling mightily in inharmonious crescendo
Blasted by vengeful heat’s ingenuous inferno

These brothers in arms faced the barbaric demon
All for one bore valor uncommonly in war common
Contending with liberty’s foes
Hellfire scorching blackening souls
Combat brothers knelt before morality’s alter
In prosecuting hallowed duty dared not falter
Body and spirit mortally wounded
As a battle of clashing souls immorally exploded

Embattled “Boys next door” prayed together
Cursed war’s whore-hounds together
Held there by war’s darkening tether
Ever seeking the inner courage
Forever facing in grim revenge
Humanities great carnage
Finally at long last, from traumatic past
Finally understanding mankind’s major need
The love, peace and brotherhood creed
In fervid nightmares their credo does bleed

Brothers fought side-by-side together
Soldiers long ago slowly dying together
Crossing swords with our nation’s vile oppressor
A nation’s youth aching in a feud of blood
Unsullied honor in fiendishly bloodthirsty mud
Putting heart and soul on the line
Time after time after time
In horrible rhyme

Though war demons emptied mankind’s very core spilled
All innocence long ago killed
Displaying heroic bravery
Paid homage justly, defending hallowed liberty,
Brotherly bonds of patriotic justice thrilled
In fear and guilt filled
Answered their country’s call with fidelity’s fealty
This band of brothers with child-like duty
Nurtured ties of a special kind
That to the eternities bind.

Brothers united solemnly still stand
Venerable veterans in brotherhood’s band
Against all others in their hearts still bear
A knowledge none can fully know that were not there
For war was a blistering of the eternal soul
Rose colored glasses of youth destroyed, you know
Some brothers still after that vengeful beasts dice roll
Still cannot put back together fragmented man whole
Lost defending a country more than life they love
Reaping special reward in Celestial courtyards above.