Gary Jacobson


Walk softly among the sacred graves…
For today in memorial the very air interweaves
In braveries sweetest breath leaves
Blessings on this hallowed plot
Where courageous men unselfishly wrought
Carried the lamp of liberty fearful nation’s sought
Fighting for those oppressed who would not be slaves
Battled tyrannical oppressors who liberties bastion depraves.

Walk softly among the sacred graves…
For freedoms grandest hope at long last raves
For them a grateful nation in memorial bestows
On those boys lying peaceful now in sweetest repose
Our most favored sons
Who valiantly faced hatreds flaring guns
Wielding valiant freedom’s flaming sword
Unjust despots with might of right abhorred
Men of noble calling stood up to tyrannies bullies
That the very precept of morality sullies.

Walk softly among the sacred graves…
Loyal sacrifice upon sanctified ground engraves
Righteous spirits now comfort those that grieve
Who cannot bring themselves to believe
Somber sound of guns lay now in silence of retreat
All anguish withdrawn from battle’s dews and heat
Abiding peaceful dignities grave discreet
No longer in war’s wretched hurting
No rival disconcerting.
No longer buffeted with grim anger’s agony
Finally free…
Finally free…
Oh God, of this mortal foil they’re free…

Walk softly among the sacred graves…
Give the due beleaguered spirit craves
Our sons
Our daughters
Loved liberty more than life
Our fathers
Our mothers
Held fast to cherished values in glory rife
Our brothers
Our sisters
Freed now from all worries strife
Our beloved who gallantly answered the call
In reverential honor stood proud, and very tall.

Walk softly among the sacred graves…
Honor stouthearted men who very adoration bereaves
Who heard a trumpets divine cadence
Rushed to give a patriots breath in honor’s defense
Always faithful,
Ever memorable,
Doing their duty without question or pause
Defending the weak in independence cause.

Walk softly among the sacred graves…
Feel lingering spirits the fight eternal right braves
In the flower of youth snatched
Respect those in horrors misery dispatched
Their loss lingering dear
Bringing sadness lo many a year
Losing a generations brightest hope
Loved ones sad and wearily cope.

Walk softly among these sacred graves…
Witness consecrated dying that forever waves
Great joy lies among these revered stones too
For brave soldiers did forthrightly tyrants eschew
Engaging dictators with lightning swords of truth
Stole thunder from the fascist bigmouth
Who individual rights would evilly suppress
May their honored peace forever and ever
Humbled hearts bless…
For the life we live, in truth, they gave us…