Gary Jacobson


Oh men of yore…

From times of war
I wonder how you’re feeling
As the planet keeps on reeling
On a time machine rocket from the past
Does the time from war forever last?

There’s still ringing in my ears
Still hiding from the fears
Naïve boys playing with destructive toys
Naïve girls back in the world giving the world a whirl
Waiting for the boys
Waiting for the boys.

Oh men of yore from the time of war…
Where boys were forever lost
By the cruel war tempest tossed
Lost in dying days forever changing
The grand upheaval contending with evil.

Where forever blow the wicked winds
Calamity sends
Turning values upside down
Hard to bear through the frown
Searching for that winning boyish smile
Eternities back across the pond’s heartbreak mile.

So how are you today?
How are you today?